Snowflake Photos Spur Me On

Snow. White, fluffy, beautiful snow. Brown, slushy, slippery snow. Black, icy, hard snow. I never knew there could be so many different kinds of snow and that the beautiful verse from the famous hymn about being washed as white as snow really only applies to a certain kind of snow.

Last year as we approached winter I really psychological pumped myself up for it. I wanted to not be negative about weather – it’s just one aspect of life and why should I complain? There are plenty of good things about the cold and snow. In the end it was a really mild winter, so the snow came late and by that time I was actively wanting it to snow. So the winter came and went and I remained pretty positive.

This winter has had a LOT of snow. And we still have a couple of months to go. I actually really like the snow. It really can be so beautiful. If I am out walking in the snow at night the clouds are like a roof, the light glows clearly through the air, the snow underfoot crunches and I feel like I’m in some kind of insulated marshmallowy snowglobe. If it snows I still say, “Look it’s snowing” to everyone at home.

But it can be practically difficult to live your normal life in a snowy climate. Honestly, it just takes so long to get the kids ready if we want to go outside for a play. So long in fact that we haven’t spent that much time outdoors this winter. It’s not just snowsuits but it’s getting fingers into gloves, boots tucked into pants and pants tucked into boot covers and so on.  Multiply that by 3 and it can be exhausting. And the longest they can play outside is about an hour before they really are too cold and it’s straight into the shower with a trail of wet clothes behind them.

There’s snow shovelling. We live in an apartment so just need to clear the carpark, but we also need to do it at school too. I don’t mind it, in fact it’s good to do something physical but it can take up a lot of time.

There’s slipping. I have fallen over more this winter than the past 2. Most of the time I’m carrying Annie on my hip so I think that has put my balance out. So far no serious injuries, but it is always a risk.

Because of the struggles of life in a snowy place I was so encouraged to find some amazing photos of snowflakes today. Russian photographer Alex Filatov used his own home-made set up and took these photos as snowflakes landed on some carpet. I doubted at first if these images were real because they just seemed so fake. But it seems that they are very much real. Take a look and be amazed!









Which one is your favourite? I like the last one the most I think. Just beautiful. What an amazing Creator God we have. I really can’t believe how well this snow is  formed and designed. Wow.



2 thoughts on “Snowflake Photos Spur Me On

    • Melissa Jessop says:

      Hi Dianne, thanks. One of the good things about snowy winters is that the sun does often shine! I much prefer cold, snowy but sunny winters to grey, gloomy, wet winters I have to say.

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