Sapporo Snow and Tokyo Flights


What a day! Today was day #2 of snow in Hokkaido this winter – and a big dump of snow. It must have been snowing most of the night, and visibility from our place this morning was super low. On any other day this would be a fun, exciting kind of day. As it was, Heidi made up songs about “Thanks for coming snow! I love the snow…” etc. BUT today was also the day that I had a flight from Sapporo to Tokyo booked!!!!

This week from Monday to Friday, OMF is running a training course called MEED – which I think stands for Making Effective Evangelists and Disciples (it could be multiplying ?). I have never really gone away from the family for this period of time (just under a week) and it was kind of a big deal to plan to come. I should add that it was always planned that Annie would join me, she’s a bit too little still to leave behind. Anyway!

The plan was to leave after church, well, to leave church slightly early to get a head start down to the airport. As I was sitting out with the kids, after I while I noticed a had 4 messages on my phone from Alaric (an OMF colleague heading down to Tokyo as well). The highway to the airport was shut, all Jetstar AM flights had been cancelled (including Alaric’s 1pm flight), and so far my flight was still scheduled.

We decided to still try and get there by car, just on the normal roads rather than the highway. After all, we had at the very most, 3 hours up our sleeve to get the 40km to the airport and surely that would be possible. Well, an hour and a half into the trip with no stops for food or toilet despite hungry kids and busting parents, with still 30km to go, we realised that perhaps it wasn’t going to happen. A few frantic phone calls later and miraculously finding the right road without meaning to, Annie and I jumped on a train and were at the airport by 3pm – 35 minutes before the flights’ initial departure time. Just before arriving at the train station I found out that my plane was delayed by an hour – I have never been happier to hear of a delayed flight in my life!! It meant I would make it in time!

So after a hectic and very stressful trip, Annie and I have arrived safely to Tokyo. Annie is asleep in the cot next to me, while I type in the semi-darkness before getting ready for bed. I will try and write a post each night during the course to share about how it is going.

~Just a note about my blog posts. It’s been a while since I have written as each time I have sat down to write one I feel like it’s not clever, good enough, up to the standards that I set myself. This time I’m just going to write, because how can I get better at writing without writing? So here’s to more unedited, quick, getting back into it blog posts~


2 thoughts on “Sapporo Snow and Tokyo Flights

  1. Kim says:

    Hi sister-friend, thank you for sharing your heart. Praying the Lord will minister to you and Annie in a special way this week and draw you into His presence to encourage you. Love you, sis and thanking God for your heart to serve Him. Psalm 46

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