I’m Mel from My Vegemite Kimono. It’s so great to have you here. If you’re excited about Vegemite, or delighted by Kimonos then I hope you enjoy what you find. You see I’m a ‘little Vegemite’ (or for the uninitiated, an Australian) living in the land of the kimono with my very own Mr Right, my darling three princesses, following the call of my King, Jesus.

My energetic, mostly pink, crazy family and I moved to quiet, neutrally coloured, sedate Japan on Valentine’s Day, 2015, and what a romantic start it was – nothing like international flights, pre-schoolers and blizzards to brighten up your love life! We are missionaries with OMF International, currently slogging away at the beautiful yet unceasingly difficult language of Japanese. Our darling three princesses are Heidi (5), Pippa (3) and Annelise (9 months). We are trying to find our feet in a country where our feet are too big to be considered normal. Oh boy, what an adventure!

Hopefully you can find out about what kind of crazy things happen when you decide to follow Jesus across the world in a mere attempt to show some other humans his love, but than realise that there’s a whole lot of unknowns in that equation! Like, oh, I don’t know – communicating in the same language, having some kind of basic understanding of culture, and maybe even occasionally helping littlies transition to an entirely new life.

So, here’s to sharing more about life overseas, cultural blunders, daily life, parenthood, Japan, mission and all of the other things that make me a little less Vegemite flavoured, and a little more Kimono loving.

I would love it if you would comment, or follow my blog to keep updated with all of our shenanigans – or perhaps just another mundane story of kids doing gross stuff.

So welcome again, and let’s do this thing! はい!行きましょう!

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dianne says:

    Hi there vegemites!
    Just saw your post on fb about this blog. I didn’t know you were writing one. Just read your article on the school year. I’ve already lit lots about the Japanese culture. You write a very good blog Mel.

    • Melissa Jessop says:

      Thanks so much Dianne! I’m hoping to write a bit more regularly this year if possible. Glad you have learned something new. 🙂

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